Welcome to the jasplanservices website. jasplanservices provides technical expertise to the construction industry from the larger plcs through to the self build market. We provide advice and plans to aid developers with accurate plans for conveyancing More information

We can also provide technical solutions throughout the development process from the land buyer through to customer services More information.

Example Plan

We can provide the developer with the expertise to create and adapt all the plans and mapping required for the legal aspects on all manner of projects. All plans are drawn so that they are in compliance with the Land Registry requirements so that plans accompanying land acquisition contracts are swiftly and accurately compiled. This also enables faster approval of estate plans so that subsequent plot sales follow on quickly without the associated delays that developers may often experience.

Drawing Plans

Over 25 year's experience in this discipline helps provide the expertise to liaise quickly between developers and solicitors to get clearly presented plans. This not only promptly provides all parties with exactly what they require but also gives the accuracy and attention to detail that avoids time consuming amendments or costly rectifications.

In essence jasplanservices will provide you with a broad experience of the development process with an attention to detail that promptly delivers technical solutions and all the legal plans required at every stage of your development.